Car Wash Investigation Services

A regulated wash site costs in the region of £60-£200k to put in place, there’s all of the drainage, equipment, marketing, insurance, staff training, the list seems endless! Just as things are starting to go well, a competitor sets up down the road for example on a piece of waste land, local supermarket car park or other unregulated area and doesn’t bother with any of the legal requirements, so what do you do?

Whilst you can take on the work of investigating the site yourself, it is time consuming and depending on who the other site is operated by, can be a little dangerous.

What we do

Our team of investigators can put the problem site under the microscope to ensure that they are fully compliant. We work throughout the UK with various clients and have contacts in all of the relevant regional authorities. Once we take a site on we stay with it until it is either made to comply or is closed. It can take 8 to 12 weeks to establish compliance of the site depending on the area of the country that your site is located. The average completion time for compliance or closure is 3 to 12 months and the sooner we start after you find them, the quicker we can bring them to compliance, or if they refuse to do so, we can work to close them.

Most importantly we protect your anonymity as we operate as the complainant.

So what does it cost?

We charge £1,800 plus VAT per site clearance as it is very labour intensive but we split the cost:
£600 plus VAT on commencement of the investigation
£1,200 plus VAT 12 months after the site has either been confirmed as regulated by the various authorities (we will ensure that they are not just paying lip service to the regulations) or the site has been cleared.

Very often we find that an unregulated site will close rather than face further scrutiny or go through the cost of compliance.

Multiple site discounts may apply.