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The Sandu Foundation works with vehicle wash sites across the UK and using the WashMark™ Programme, we aim

to regulate wash sites, and this will mean the end to:


Environmental damage caused by incorrect drainage and cheap unregulated chemicals.

Modern Day Slavery within the industry, which is predominantly forced labour and wage theft.

Tax evasion, which will bring much needed revenue to the public purse, in the region of ¾ Billion.

Lack of insurance covering both employees and the unsuspecting consumer.

Dangerous Health and Safety practises, such as those that took the life of our Foundations name sake, Sandu Laurentiu Sava.


For the past 15 years unregulated vehicle wash sites have been allowed to flourish unchecked in the UK, and now with the outcry that surrounds the introduction of the Modern Day Slavery Act, we are seeing enforcement.


We have however missed a step, education!


The WashMark™ Programme is a simple and practical solution to educate wash sites in the UK and gives UK wash sites the opportunity to become compliant.


We would like the opportunity to explain how the WashMark™ Programme works and why, with your support The Sandu Foundation can make a significant and permanent change to the UK wash industry.


We are hosting information events which will take place on:


28th August 18 – Crown Plaza Gerrards Cross, Oxford Rd, Buckingham, HP9 2XE

29th August 18 – Crown Plaza City Centre, 70 Shudehill, Manchester, M4 4AF

30th August 18 – Sheraton Grand, 1 Festival Square, Edinburgh, EH3 9SR


We will also explain why, without the intervention of the WashMark™ Programme, over 60,000 jobs will be lost within the car wash industry, which will have a devastating effect on not only the people involved, but the UK as a whole.


Please email to register your interest in one of the above events. N.B. Access to the event is by invitation only. 


The event is open to professional organisations, who wish to work with The Sandu Foundation and would like further information.

The events start at 10am and will finish at 3pm. Lunch will be served and there will be ample opportunity throughout the event to have an open discussion, to build a practical, nationally inclusive strategy.

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