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The Sandu Report starts a year of change

The Sandu Report starts a year of change

On the 4th anniversary of the death of Sandu Laurentiu Sava and with so little change, we are launching the #savingSandu Year of Change.

Today we are:

Launching the Sandu Report, a comprehensive report tha reviews the state of the vehicle washing industry, it’s issues and the solution.

Today, it is 4 years since the death of Sandu Laurentiu Sava. We are launching the hashtag#savingsandu year of change. After months of research we are launching the Sandu Report, which will be uncomfortable reading for some. We are also petitioning the Home Secretary Priti Patel, who has previously voiced support for the WashMark Accreditation Programme, to use the programme as a template for mandatory licencing for all UK vehicle wash companies. You can come and visit us in Southampton on 2nd September 19, as we launch the pilot for Southampton, in conjunction with the people of Southampton and with support from Councillors.

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