Conveyor Washing

What is conveyor washing?

Sometimes called American style washing, the conveyor car wash is an assisted form of automated washing.

How does it work?

A conveyor wash is normally set in a long building and you and your vehicle will be pulled along at a constant speed through a series of sprays, brushes, and dryers.

Where will I find a conveyor wash?

Conveyor washes are found throughout the UK both on forecourts and in specialist wash centres.

What added services am I likely to find at a conveyor wash?

Conveyor sites offer a number of services from a simple wash to a full valet. There will always be a staff member present who will set up the wash according to the programme selected and will guide the motorist onto the conveyor mechanism. They may also pre-spray chemicals and high-pressure water onto the vehicle to remove stubborn dirt if this has been been requested before the automated wash commences.

How safe is it for your car?

All of today’s mechanical vehicle washes are safe but like anything mechanical, from your toaster to your car, they can break down from time to time. The majority of mechanical washes are sensor driven and as such have safety measures built in. Just read the signs, do as they advise and you will enjoy a great washing experience.

How environmentally friendly is it?

Probably more than you would think. Today’s mechanical vehicle washes are manufactured to use less water than in years gone by and a large number of sites now have reclaim units that clean and re use up to 90% of their water. All vehicle washing sites are subject to waste water regulations and as such the water from the vehicle wash will be sent through an interceptor and then into foul sewer and as such cannot end up in your local rivers and drains. Any chemicals used must be REACH compliant.

Conveyor Washing