Hand Car WashAt Home

What is hand car washing?

Whether washing at home or commercially, hand car washing is usually performed by applying water to a vehicle with a hose pipe, pressure washer or sponge, and is ordinarily followed up by with shampoo and wax.

How does it work?

This is the simplest of all vehicle washing types as you don’t need to leave your home, however it can be very time consuming. You will need to remove all of the dirt from the vehicle before washing as residue dirt can scratch the paint surface no matter how careful you are.

Then it’s time to get out a bucket and sponge which should be filled with warm water and a good quality vehicle shampoo.

It’s best to start from the top and work your way down. If you drop the sponge make sure that you clean it thoroughly before you continue to make sure that you have removed all the dirt as this could damage your bodywork.

Give your wheels a good clean using a soft brush and some ‘elbow grease’. If you wash your car regularly you’ll be surprised how easy the dirt and brake dust comes off.

Rinse off the car, again starting from the top and working your way down.

Dry off the car using a chamois leather, taking care to avoid streaks.

Once this is done, finish off the job by applying wax - this will help to protect your paintwork and add shine.

What added services am I likely to find at a hand car wash - at home?

Oh a nice cup of tea in a china cup and if you have children it is a great way of spending time together but keep an eye on where the sponge goes or you could end up with some nasty scratches.

How safe is it for your car?

It’s pretty safe as long as you make sure that you clean all of the dirt off the car first and make sure that if you drop your sponge, you remove all dirt from it before continuing.

How environmentally friendly is it?

In 2005, a European Regulation came into effect, which stated that any cleaning or washing preparation must only contain ingredients that are biodegradable. Therefore, providing you use readily biodegradable products from a good quality manufacturer, washing your car at home can be achieved in a safe manner.

Of course if you do not have the time to wash your own car, you could always have it washed at a WashMark™ approved centre!

The Environment Agency suggest that an additional way you can be environmentally friendly when washing your car at home would be using water butts to collect rainwater to be used in the washing process.

Hand Car Wash At Home