Hand Car WashCommercial - Regulated

What is hand car washing?

Hand car washing is usually performed by applying high pressure water and is ordinarily followed up by with shampoo and wax.

How does it work?

High pressure water is first used to remove all of the dirt from the vehicle before washing begins as residual dirt can scratch the paint surface.

A good quality shampoo is applied to wash the car using a clean sponge or wash mit.

The wheels of the vehicle will usually have a special chemical applied to them to make it easier to remove the brake dust and dirt.

The vehicle is rinsed off and dried with a chamois leather.

A protective wax is applied - this will help to protect your paintwork and add shine.

What added services am I likely to find at a hand car wash- regulated?

A regulated hand car wash is likely to offer a number of additional services from cleaning the inside of your car to offering a very professional detailing.

You will also find that they are able to offer you a number of high quality consumables for your car as well as a comfortable waiting area and refreshments.

How safe is it for your vehicle?

Regulated hand car wash sites take great pride in looking after your vehicle and as such this is a very safe way to wash your vehicle. However, hand car washing is done by people and people are fallible so always check your vehicle before paying. That said this is normally an excellent way to wash your vehicle.

How environmentally friendly is it?

It’s a very environmentally sound way to wash your car, a professional commercial hand car wash will be fully compliant with all UK environmental and commercial regulations. They are likely to use REACH compliant chemicals and to look after the health and safety of their staff.

Hand Car Wash - Commercial - Regulated