Hand Car WashCommercial - Unregulated

Professional hand car wash services offer a great way to wash your car, however sadly these services are often few and far between.

Over the past 10 years, a large number (approximately 20,000) of what are termed unregulated hand car washes have appeared across the UK and the chances are that you may recently have used a service such as this, without even realising the damage they do to the environment or the economy.

Many of these sites may look like professional operations but many commit one or more of the following breaches:

  • They do not have planning permission and where planning permission is granted with provisions, these provisions are not complied with.
  • They allow trade effluent to run into surface water drains which end up in local rivers where it is poisonous to local wildlife.
  • They pay their staff below minimum wage
  • They do not declare all of their earnings
  • They do not pay TAX
  • They do not have public liability insurance
  • They do not have Employer’s liability insurance
  • They employ workers who are in the UK illegally
  • They do not take care of their employee health and safety

So how can you tell if a car wash is unregulated?

  • They will be washing vehicles on a porous surface such as a car park.
  • They won’t be washing in a designated wash bay with a concrete pad that falls into an interceptor and then takes the trade effluent to foul sewer.
  • They won’t have screens to protect the public from the chemical spray.
  • Their workers won’t be well protected from the chemical with gloves, goggles, waterproofs etc.
  • Don’t assume because they are working in supermarket car parks or other well-known stores that they are legal, the chances are they are not.

Have you ever left your car keys with a car wash company so they can wash move your car and clean it whilst you shop?

Doing this could invalidate your insurance if they have an accident as they may not have insurance to drive your car.

Hand Car Wash - Commercial - Unregulated