Rollover Car Wash

What is rollover washing?

Rollovers are the most common type of automated car wash.

How does it work?

A rollover car wash is usually located in a building and moves up and down a fixed track following the contours of your car using photocells to accurately detect the distance of its components from the surface of vehicle being washed. Modern rollovers use foam brushes but some older rollover car wash sites still offer PE brushes.

Most will use high pressure water to remove the dirt from your car before spraying it with shampoo or foam and rubbing it in with soft brushes. Wheels are cleaned by dedicated circular brushes rotating from the side of the machine. The shampoo or foam will then be washed off and a layer of wax may then applied onto the paintwork. Some rollovers may then ‘buff’ this wax to create a polished finish. A dryer will then use air to remove the excess water from the car.

Each car wash will offer a number of wash programmes offering different functions at a range of prices.

Where will I find a rollover wash?

Rollover car washes are found throughout the UK both on fuel forecourts and in wash centres.

What added services am I likely to find at a rollover wash?

Some sites are now offering assisted washing with pre-preparation and valeting services. As most rollover car washes are set on forecourts you also have the use of the full forecourt services.

How safe is it?

Rollover car washes have had some very bad press over the years and certainly 20 years ago this bad press was warranted. However since those days automated car washes have become highly technologically advanced and have many safety features built in and as such you will find that today’s mechanical vehicle washes are safe but like anything mechanical from your toaster to your car, they can break down from time to time and need regular servicing. Just read the signs do as they advise and you will have a great washing experience.

How environmentally friendly is it?

Probably more than you would think. Today’s mechanical vehicle washes are manufactured to use less water than in years gone by and a large number of sites now have reclaim units that clean and reuse 90% of their water. All vehicle washing sites are subject to waste water regulations and as such the water from the vehicle wash will be sent through an interceptor and then into foul sewer and as such cannot end up in your local rivers and drains. Any chemicals used must be REACH compliant.

Rollover Car Wash