Touchless or Brushfree Washing

What is touchless or brush-free washing?

Touchless or brush-free car wash machines are automated car wash systems that do not use brushes.

How does it work?

The art of cleaning a car well without making use of brushes to physically clean the paintwork is highly specialised. The process relies on a flexible machine that can reach all areas of the car’s surface, high-pressure water jets and, most importantly of all, a combination of the right cleaning & polishing chemicals that are applied onto the car surface and left to work on the dirt for just the right amount of time.

Where can I find a Touchless car wash in the UK?

Whilst this style of vehicle washing is found quite frequently in warmer and dryer countries, the technology to cope with the weather in this country has only recently become available in the UK. Currently there are only a few sites but more locations are planned.

What added services am I likely to find at a Touchless wash?

All of the current Touchless car wash systems are set on forecourts and as such you have the use of the full forecourt services. In general, a Touchless wash takes a little more time than a brush wash so there’s plenty of time to enjoy a cup of fresh coffee whilst the machine is working on your car.

How safe is it for your vehicle?

Touchless car washes are probably the most technologically advanced washing systems available but like anything mechanical, from your toaster to your car, they can break down from time to time and need regular servicing. Just read the signs do as they advise and you will have a great washing experience.

How environmentally friendly is it?

Probably more than you would think. Today’s mechanical vehicle washes are manufactured to use less water than in years gone by and a large number of sites now have reclaim units that clean and re- use up to 90% of their water. All mechanical sites are subject to waste water regulations and as such the water from the vehicle wash will be sent through an interceptor and then into foul sewer and as such cannot end up in your local rivers and drains. Any chemicals used must be REACH compliant.

Touchless or Brushfree Washing