WashMark Rating
1 Star

Business set up

  • Applicant’s company must be registered in the UK at Companies House.
  • Applicant’s company must pay all relevant Taxes in the UK and provide all evidence as requested by CWAS.
  • Applicant’s company must pay business rates.
  • Applicant’s company must have both employers and public liability insurance as a minimum.
WashMark Rating
2 Stars

The Environmen

Planning permission must be granted and should include:

  • Drainage Map
  • Sludge trap/ interceptor
  • Chemical storage
  • Sound
  • Spray
  • Access and Egress
  • Hours of opening

Connection to foul sewer must granted.

12 months gulping records must be supplied showing that a licenced carrier has been used.


WashMark Rating
3 Stars


  • Clear evidence that ID and right to work checks are undertaken.
  • Contracts for both employed and self-employed are provided.
  • Evidence of living wage must be supplied
  • Where accommodation is supplied with work, evidence will need to be provided to show that it is legally undertaken.
  • Applicants will agree to the accommodation being inspected.
  • Applicants will agree to employee/self employed being interviewed when required.
  • Applicants will agree to training and support for all employees/self-employed team members.
WashMark Rating
4 Stars

Health, Safety and Maintenance 

  • Heath, Safety and Maintenance
  • Risk Assessments and Method statements for all relevant activities must be supplied
  • Only COSHH regulated chemicals must be used
  • Safety Data sheets must be held on site
  • Relevant signage must be used and all electrical and maintenance work should be undertaken by a competent and qualified person.  
WashMark Rating
5 Stars

Quality of wash and customer service.

Wash quality will be assessed and a complaints precedure must be in place. 

The WashMark™ is an industry certificate of quality and compliance.

We independently audit every vehicle wash site that applies for the WashMark™, we then work with each site for 120 days to ensure they reach their highest classification and once their WashMark™ has been awarded, we continue to work with them to ensure our high standards remain in place. 

The consumer can be completely confident that where they see the WashMark™, not only will they get a superb wash but also that they are supporting their local environment, the UK economy and standing up against Modern Day Slavery. 

Auditing of the WashMark™ is done by our own independent investigations team. You will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire which will be sent to you by email. Once we have your details and have completed an onsite survey, we will work with you for 120 days to help you achieve your highest WashMark™ classification and then will support you going forward.

Taking part in the WashMark™ is a great way to differentiate your site from those around you. It gives your consumers confidence that you care both about them, their cars and the people whom you employ. N.B. Sites applying for their WashMark™ will be audited and all information given will be investigated. 

Further information can be received from your local agent or by calling 01376 564070.

Costs for WashMark™ certification


Red - 100% Application - You can complete the WashMark™ application completely and have all of the supporting evidence £199 Plus VAT


Amber - 50% Application - You can complete some of the WashMark™ application and have some supporting evidence £299 Plus VAT


Green - 0% Application - You are either a new company wanting to start a vehicle wash or are unable to complete the WashMark application and or have no                                      supporting evidence £399 Plus VAT


Once your WashMark™ has been awarded you will be offered a continuation package. Packages start from £25 Plus VAT per month and go upto £250 per month depending on the services you require.